Clear Cargo Insurance

Clear Cargo Insurance

International trade represents one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world today, which makes Marine Cargo Insurance one of the most exciting areas in the insurance industry. Many people, however, are not aware of the benefits of participating in the marine insurance industry, and consequently the marine risk is often overlooked.

Under every international sale of goods contract either the seller or the buyer will bear the risk of loss or damage to cargo. For any party that needs protections against such risks, it is prudent to arrange adequate cargo insurance for the goods in accordance with the agreed Incoterms, the most widely used shipment terms.

Exposure can happen at any point in the supply chain, for any type of transport and on any route. Goods are at risk perils such as: 



Armed robbery

Storm, flood and other weather hazards

Washing overboard in heavy sea


General Average Claims (seafreight)

Our Clear Cargo Insurance solution compensates you up to the full insured value of the goods – regardless of cause or fault by the carrier. With cover provided by market-leading insurance companies, you get door-to-door safeguards from loading to unloading.

Clear Cargo Insurance covers you for containerized and bulk commodities under all transportation modes – including combined.



Contract Logistics


Industry solutions

Our Clear Cargo Insurance solutions also include a range of industry-specific cargo insurance protection to support your business during every stage of transportation and storage.

Project Logistics Insurance

Consumer Goods/Retail

Oil and Gas Logistics Insurance


Perishables Cargo Insurance (e.g. fruit, vegetables etc)


Hotel Logistics Project InsuranceEmergency & Relief Goods Coverages

Beverages (drinks logistics) Insurance



Tailored Solution for freight forwarders

With our extensive experience in providing cargo insurance for freight forwarders - and logistics companies, we have a tailored and digitized solution available for freight forwarders.

Book cargo insurance online

Through our online insurance booking platform, Nacora e-insurance, you can book your insurance and print the corresponding insurance certificate at any time.