Clear Trade Credit

Clear Trade Credit

Take time to think about a sudden, unexpected bad debt loss suffered from a longstanding major customer!

Liquidity can be seriously affected!

It will be hard to pay your bills, suppliers and your employees’ wages

Confidence in good development can be disrupted

Our Trade Credit Insurance

protects your sales against a wide range of credit risks and the consequences of non-paid invoices 

  • Protect your profit margin against non-payment
  • Stabilize your cash flow
  • Increase sales

Grow your Business with confidence

Trade Credit Insurance can be used to help free up funds to promote your business in new markets, pursue new customers, keep your operations and sales cycles running smoothly, and provide favourable payment terms to your customers

Free up cash flow

When your bank knows that you'll get paid - even if your buyer defaults – the bank may have more confidence to provide you with increased cash flow or forego the usual requirements for additional collateral.

Protect your sales

Trade Credit Insurance protects you for up to 90 per cent of your losses resulting from non-payment due to a wide range of risks, such as:

  • A customer’s bankruptcy or default on payment
  • A customer’s refusal to accept the goods as contracted
  • Contract cancellation
  • Payment delays caused by blocked funds or transfer difficulties
  • Hostilities in a customer’s country
  • Cancellation or non-renewal of export or import permits